RHS networks
is an Information Systems and Technologies consulting firm specializing in data, network, and system engineering for commercial and US Government customers.


Management and control of information is critical in today's data driven society. Success comes from a clear understanding of the complexities associated with collecting, processing, storing securing and providing data through multiple technology paths. Whether you are dealing with relational databases or Big Table data stores, RHS networks has the experience and expertise to establish success.


Ubiquitous access to networks is a cornerstone of modern cloud based designs.  From wired to wireless, physical to virtual, hardware to software defined; networked communications drive the critical mission needs of today's organizations. RHS networks combines the skill and focus to design and implement secure network technologies to enable success. 

System Engineering

Translating your business requirements into actionable objectives which put technology to work for you is essential.  Implementing technology for it's own sake is just wasting money.  System engineering balances technology against the realities of your budget, infrastructure and support capability.  RHS networks brings the talent and commitment to engineer solutions to ensure success.